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I think the thing that makes me most sad about Barney and Robin not working out is the obvious nod to the yellow umbrella in these scenes. I don’t think it’s coincidence that the costume designers chose the color yellow in the two episodes where Robin’s feelings for Barney were acknowledged and ultimately rekindled. Barney and Robin are soul mates much like Ted and Tracy are; to have both relationships not work out by the end of the series is the ultimate slap to the face.

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*gasp* Friend is lonely?


on my way friend… woah wait…yes


I dance to maek you happy


did friend like dance?


I shall battle the sadness!


friend isso pretty, she shouldnt feel sad or lonely


lots of people love friend!  shes funny


I give huggles to friend


when friend is happy, we are happy


remember to smile okay? Smile as you read this!


you are not alone friend. I am here. Be happy.



i just want to send this to all my friends

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The full text of Mark Gatiss’s letter to his 16 year old self (for those struggling with his handwriting in the photos of the entry!)

Dear Me

Well, if you’re reading this, time travel is possible, so that should please you. It’s 1982 where you are and, as I recollect, that’s fine. Great bands. Sunshine. Thunderbird wine. Jumble-sale overcoats and a fringe so long it pokes you in the eye. Everywhere: dayglo, leg-warmers, Chris Biggins glasses. 2009 isn’t so different.

Now then - advice. You are a gay. You’ve known this forever. Since you had a crush on Stuart Damon off ‘The Champions’. Bar one long afternoon of denial, you are perfectly content with this.

Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up. Plenty of time for that. So, don’t blow your first wage packet on a tailor-made tweed suit.

You don’t know it yet but you’re living in the Dark Ages. Things will improve radically. One day, your family will come to your wedding to another man & declare it one of the happiest times of their lives.

The future, though, is no Utopia. Battles we thought won are being fought again. Ignorance & fanaticism are on heat. Plenty of surprises to come - good & bad. Thatcher will go one day as, alas, will most of your hair. For now, enjoy that wonderful teenage bubble where you can cause a minor scandal by snogging the cooler-than-the-Fonz Brian Bennett. Even if you never do anything about that blond 6th Former (no - honestly he is) it’s been nice catching up.

Just promise me that when you meet Al Murray at the Edinburgh Festival in a few years you’ll have a stern word. OK?

Love Mark x

P.S. ‘Doctor Who’ is still on!

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