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Bad thing about a writer's mind

Oh what a wonderful dream to wake up from. Now I'll give you five story ideas.
You're tired? Well I'm sorry but I must keep these ideas coming until it's almost 4am and you're dozing off on your computer/notebook.
I know how you can solve this plot hole.... with this scene.
In a store:
That person over there looks like OC... oh! This gives me an idea! Who cares if you have nothing to write it down with.
At a party:
Wow... here's a great way to word that scene you can't get down. Too bad in five minutes you won't remember much more than two sentences. From different paragraphs.
Timed test:
You know what would be great? Instead of this happening, this happens and I am so glad this brilliant idea makes you want to write and not focus on this geometry question!
While writing at a decent time:
Yeah, I got nothing.